The InBody 270 Test

Tells you what your regular home scale can’t tell you.

The InBody is a bioelectrical impedance scan that examines your body composition, measuring:

• percentage of body fat

• amount of lean mass

• amount of muscle mass

Prices for Inbody Scan are:

• $25 MEMBERS of CrossFit Framework or YQL Nutrition


Here are the pre-scan guidelines to ensure the most accurate possible results:

• Ensure you are well hydrated the day before

• Refrain from eating or drinking 3-4 hours prior (water is permitted)

• Do not drink alcohol or consume caffeine 12hours before your scan (do not drink coffee before your scan!)

• Do not exercise 12-24hours before the test

• Wear THE SAME CLOTHING each time – sports bra and shorts for females; shirtless and shorts for males is recommended; but the key is to ensure you are wearing the same thing to eliminate extra variables

• Do not wear jewelry

• Do not take InBody after a shower or sauna

• Do not take InBody Test if you have a pacemaker or other electronic medical device implanted, or are pregnant.