I found this video of Sam Dancer-CrossFit Athlete to be an absolute rude-awakening for me. Goals and dreams are a necessity for self-improvement and discovery, but at what cost do we pursue these goals and dreams? I’m sure most of you have either read or watched a video showing the glass or cup, and rocks analogy, and how it can shape our priorities. The analogy goes something like this. We all have a glass and that’s what makes up our life and time, how we fill that glass up depends on our priorities, and our goals. There are typically three to four big items in our life and mine are family, business or job, friendship, service to others and personal health and growth. These should never be displaced by some of life’s smaller and less significant things such as Facebook, Instagram, video games, casual hobbies. There also needs to be a balance with life’s big “rocks” meaning my family should never take a back seat to my business, and personal health should not over shadow my desire to serve others. Since opening CrossFit Framework it’s been a constant challenge to try and find balance in my life, my desire to see this business do well have often left my attention to my family not where i want it, or where it should be. Over the past couple months i made a commitment to myself to achieve “Balance”. I began working out regularly again taking better care of myself physically, and made a commitment to be home for at least five bedtimes per week with my little guy Max. My wife has been super supportive of me from the beginning and it’s amazing that i get to make her and Max such a big part of my life. Life is so much better when we focus on the big things in life and forget some of the small, insignificant things. We can and should chase our goals and dreams, but we have to keep the big things in life front and centre to achieve true happiness and fulfillment. -Russ